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Chris Amenechi Discusses Airline Profitability through Merchandising, Customer Experience, Data Analytics, Automation, Mass Customization and Airline Opportunities in Africa

Hello and welcome to Airline Profits Executive Interviews. I am Kofi Sonokpon, Managing Editor of Airline profits magazine and author of the book series on airline business and technology, namely Airlines for Business and Airlines for technology.

Today, we have the double privilege and honour to welcome Chris Amenechi as the first special guest to our 2023 series of executive interviews. Chris Amenechi is a Founding Partner of Digital Airline Partners. 

In this insightful episode, our distinguished guest discusses key factors shaping businesses: the role of merchandising and customer experience in driving profits, leveraging data and automation to improve margins, managing mass customization in large-scale operations, and the unique opportunities in Africa. Subscribe and stay tuned for more!

With that, I invite you to say tuned until the end to hear what Chris Amenechi has to say.

Executive Interview with Chris Amenechi

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